Oh Hello, LASD

Oh Hello, LASD

Dan has finally reached the rendezvous point with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department (LASD), which means he’s super close to winning the 48 hour bet!

This last stretch won’t be easy, but the LASD is there to help Dan navigate through and around the traffic as safe as possible.

Dan, accompanied by two friends, reaches the rendezvous point with the LASD. Here, Dan is going to switch to the road bike for his last descent into LA.

From here on, the LASD will escort Dan into the city of Los Angeles (Maybe people will just think they’re filming some bizarre chase scene).

The LASD haulted traffic and escorted Dan through the intersection.

Seriously, who else can get the cops to stop traffic for a bet? Only the Instagram King it seems.

Sure. Lead Dan the wrong way. It’s not like he is being timed or anything.

With the help of the LASD, Dan’s descent into LA is going as well as he could hope for.

The sun begins to set on Dan’s second and final day. He can sense Bill Perkins, the man who challenged him, rethinking this whole idea. Perkins thought he couldn’t do it. No one thought he would get this far — except for Dan and his team.






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Ridin’ into LA

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